Welcome to
Wecare College of Health Technology (WECCOHTECH) Iperu-remo, Ogun State.

At WECCOHTECH, we have a relentless commitment to learning and dedication to improving our society. In view of this, we provide our students with the knowledge, skills and values that will prepare them for a successful healthcare career after graduation from the College.

To prospective applicants, our educational concept of transformation, empowerment and selfless service will inspire you enough to turn you into thoroughbred individuals, with knowledge, values and skills to:

  1. Become dependable primary health care workers
  2. Formidable agents of change who can think globally but act locally
  3. Have flair for selfless service – be it in public or private practice
    In all, you will realize your dreams and better the quality of life of many citizen in your health career.

APPLY HERE and join us at Wecare College of Health Technology for a brighter future – through our holistic health education anchored in knowledge beyond the traditional classroom, delivered by
exceptional teachers and captains of industry in public and allied health, in an ICT-driven college environment.

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