5 Differences Between A College of Health Technology And School of Nursing

You are here because you want to know the differences between a college of health technology and a school of nursing in Nigeria.

Sure! The knowledge would help you make a decision, if a health-related course is on top of your mind.

Also, it will help you to see other options, if attending a university seems not feasible.

You can see the similarities here too.


They are trained for the secondary and tertiary health care system
  • Overseen by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria
  • Has only nursing and it's sub specialties as it's focus area
  • 5 “O” level WAEC/GCE credit level passes in science subjects at one sitting
  • Don't undergo NYSC with a registered nurse diploma except with a Bachelor of Nursing


They are trained for the primary health care system
  • Overseen by National board of technical education and various professional boards
  • Has a polytechnic status, but referred to as a monotechnic because it focuses on health programmes only
  • Varies from 3 to 5 “O” level WAEC/GCE/NECO credits depending on the course of study and duration
  • Can undergo the NYSC scheme in some courses

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