3 Ways To Know If A Private College of Health Technology Is Approved.

Wondering how to do the underground work of finding out if a private college of health technology is approved? Especially, the one you so much desire to attend?

Here are three ways to know if a private college of health technology is approved:

1. Google My Business Listing

Yes, you read well! The trend for any serious-minded school is to have an online presence. Not just an ordinary listing online, but a business listing that will showcase your business as an approved and a reputable one.

So, for any school that has a name and brand to protect, a business listing is a must!

The process to get listed by Google My Business involves a verification step which requires your business registration paper with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), as a proof. Invariably, when you view a business on Google My Business listing online, you indirectly view a school’s registration with CAC.

That said, it is important to know that verification method differs for each business. And the verification method used is at the discretion of Google. But the condition seems more stringent for a startup and private business.

Our college’s postcard verification code came from Google’s head office in the United State of America after a wait of six months. The long wait was worth it because, it eventually showed the college to be reputable.

Now! How will your college listing show on Google search engine when listed on Google My Business?

If all you do is to get your school’s website indexed by Google search engine, without going through the Google My Business listing process, you get to see only the part labelled 2 below. Whereas, if you do both, you get to see your indexed page labelled 2 on the left hand side and the Google My Business listing on the right hand side labelled 1.

Google my business listing

Be rest assured that any institution of learning that shows up, as illustrated above, is reputable and approved. Otherwise, you will get to see only the indexed page by the left hand side.

2. Regulatory Board Or College’s Affiliation Letter

By law, you can start a private higher institution through provisional accreditation by the government’s regulatory body or by affiliation to an already existing government institution. Either way, you get an official letter to that effect.

In all, to know if a private college of health technology is approved, request to see the official letter. The letter is a public document which should be released on demand to anyone that wants to view it. So, be wary of any institution that cannot produce such letter.

Another thing I will not fail to mention is that, when you search online for the list of approved private colleges of health technology, Google will show all approved institutions by NBTE.

Will an affiliated college show up in the above search? No! Does that make it not approved! No! So, how do I confirm if a private college of health technology is approved through affiliation?

You have to resort to asking for a school’s official letter of affiliation to know if they really have the said document. Here is a link to an example of a provisional affiliation letter.

3. Ministry of Education’s Approval

It is mandatory for all private institutions of learning to get the approval of their state’s education ministry. Suffice to say that, it is an important document to show that your operation is legal in the state.

Consequently, a state backing and recognition is given to the college. Be free to request for the state approval letter from any college of health technology you wish to attend.

For a glimpse of what an approval from a state education ministry looks like, check out our approval letter here.


Finally, we look forward to your being a part of us because you now know we are a private college of health technology that is approved.

So, for a health career that will set you apart from others, start your admission process with us now!