5 Facts About A College of Health Technology

Never heard about a college of health technology before?

Or heard of it before, but don’t know what it has to offer you as a higher institution seeking student?

Either way, you want enough information to help you make the right decision with regards to admission? And that is why you are reading this piece.

Get to work to know what a college of health technology is in the info-graphic below.


% Facts About College of Technology

Comparing a college of health technology with a school of nursing in Nigeria

I hope you would be glad to know that a graduate technician from a college of health technology and a graduate nurse will be on the same salary grade level at the point of entry in any government health facility – be it state or federal.

That being said, it is also well known that admission into both state and federal school of nursing in Nigeria is or has become an herculean task because of less space.

The scary truth is that you many never get an admission into that school of nursing. Hm! If that be the case, would you continue to try your luck, year in year out?

I bet you that waiting is not a better option because the admission may not even come to pass.

More comparison

Do you even know that it is even more daunting to retaining your place in the school of nursing, if you even gain an admission. Why? You can be easily ‘weeded’ out during the scary ‘weeding’ examination.

I did ask a student who got ‘weeded’ out from a state school of nursing that what was the peculiarity she saw in students that overcame the ‘weeding’ saga? Her answer – most of them have either passed through a school of health technology or have trained informally as an auxiliary nurse.

Therefore, it can be inferred that you stand a better chance to finish from the school of nursing if you first pass through a school of health technology. My hypothesis!

Another thing to know! It’s far cheaper to study in a college of health technology than a school of nursing.

Final note – take up this admission offer

The most important thing to know is that private colleges of health technology – like Wecare College of Health Technology are quite affordable compared to state and federal colleges of health technology.

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